Monday 8 August 2011

The Path To Salvation

Title: The Path To Salvation
Author: Naresh Gupta
No of Pages: 90
Paper Back Price: Rs. 75 /-
I.S.B.N: 81-7276-411-1

The present civilisation attaches too much importance to material welfare and maintains that the goal of a progressive individual or nation should be the ever-increasing physical comforts and luxuries.  Every day there are reports in the media of crimes and acts of misdemeanour.
The root cause of conflict and restlessness is desire.  All misery, conflict and unhappiness in this world can be traced to selfishness, greed and unfulfilled ambitions.
Never before was man insecure and unhappy as he is today, despite his amazing achievements in diverse fields of activity.  He appears more and more adrift, rudderless, sick and scared.  What has gone wrong with him? The dharma of the sages can help resolve these psychological and spiritual disturbances.  One who disregards dharma and ignores moral values remains confused.  Such a person cannot have peace of mind.
According to Buddhist philosophy, the overreaching goal of every aspect of life is not seen in the multiplication of material wants, which can be satisfied by consumption, but in the purification of the human character.  The purpose of our lives is to overcome suffering and cultivate happiness.  Enduring happiness can result only from a thorough transformation and development of the mind.  Material progress without spiritual development can cause serious problems.
The Path To Salvation authored by Naresh Gupta,  IAS, is published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan under its Book University Series.
This work is an attempt to bring together the views contained in the writings of  enlightened souls on the Indian religious thought and to set out the path of salvation indicated in their writings and the religious scriptures.
The author fervently hopes that The Path To Salvation will help to lift the veils of humanity’s collective ignorance and lead to the end of suffering for all sentiments beings.
About The Author
Shri Naresh Gupta is a member of the Indian Administrative Service belonging to the Tamil Nadu cadre.  He is currently the Chief Electoral Officer in charge of conduct of elections to the Lok Sabha from Tamil Nadu and to the State Legislative Assembly.
This is his second term in this post.  Shri Naresh Gupta did B.Sc. and M.Sc. from Lucknow University.  He topped in MSc (Mathematics) and was awarded four gold medals.  In 1973 he was appointed  a member of the IAS.  He did M.A. in Gandhian Thought from Madurai Kamaraj University. 
He has held several important assignments like being Secretary to Governor and Secretary of Public and Home Departments in the Government of Tamil Nadu.
The 100-page book, printed on superior quality of artpaper in Demy 8vo size with paperback binding has been moderately priced at just Rs. 75/- per

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