Saturday 9 January 2016

Gandhi and the Break-up of India

Book Title: Gandhi and the Break-up of India
Author: Rafiq Zakaria
No of Pages: 304 + 9 Pages of Index
Hard Bound Price: Rs. 300 /-
Availability : Yes
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 This book deals with the Mahatma’s relationship with Muslims and his role in the partition of India. The author has done extensive research and has traced the roots of the Mahatma’s approach to this issue from the South African days through various freedom struggle movements and them to the Partition of India
The book is neither history nor a biography nor even a broad survey of the work of Himalayan dimensions that Gandhiji was able to out in during his public life. However the author has quoted extensively from Gandhiji’s speeches and writings to put light on the three points he was accused of-that Gandhiji was pro-Muslim, anti-Hindu and the main cause of the partition of India. This book is a result of references to several hundred published works on Mahatm.
About The Author :  Rafiq Zakaria
Dr Rafiq Zakaria has been a cabinet minister and has a distinguished career in law, education, journalism, politics and Islamic studies. He is an author of more than fifteen books. He has represented India at the United Nations thrice.


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