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Shri Gurudev R. D Ranade

 Popularly  known as GURUDEV Dr. R.D.RANADE was born in
jamkhandi in Karnataka.
Events in Gurudev’s Life
  • JULY 3, 1886: Birth
  • 1895: Joins Sir Parashuram Bhau High School, Jamkhindi.
  • Nov. 25, 1901: Initiation into spiritual life by Shri Bhausaheb Maharaj, Umadi.
  • 1902:Matriculation examination. Receives Jagannath Shankerset Scholarship in Sanskrit.
  • 1903: Joins Deccan College.
  • 1907: B.A. Receives Bhau Daji Scholarship.
  • 1907: Dakshina Fellow in Deccan College.
  • 1908: Visits Annie Besant at Benares. The lady attentively hears all the details of the spiritual experiences of Ranade and asks him whether he was initiated by a Master. On getting a reply in the affirmative, she asked him whether he had a photo of his Master. Young Ranade hands over a photo which she eyes as with a searchlight and exclaims: You are in safe hands.
  • 1908: Serious illness of Ranade.The Master assures his mother: “Weep not. Mother.Your son shall have no fear of death till sixty years. He has to carry on a great mission of the Lord.”
  • 1911: Tutor in English, Fergusson College, Poona.
  • 1912: Curator in Deccan College, Poona.
  • 1914: M.A. Awarded Chancellor’s Gold Medal.
  • 1914: Professor of Philosophy in Fergusson College, Poona.
  • 1915: Lectures at Bangalore on the Philosophy of the Upanishads at the time of the foundation of Sanskrit Academy.
  • 1916: Publication of a critical edition of Carlyle’s Signs of the Times and Characteristics. Correspondence with Shri Aurobindo Ghosh who observed: “The perfect writer and scholar …. possesses in a superlative degree the rare gift of easy and yet adequate exposition and leaves us charmed …..enlightened and satisfied”. A complete history of Greek Philosophy by this “perfect writer and scholar would be a priceless gain.”
  • 1917: Lokamanya Tilak asks Ranade to enter politics. On getting a reply that he had an inherent liking for religion and spirituality, Lokamanya said: “Arvind Babu also is a mystic like you.”
  • 1922: Begins stay in Nimbal.
  • 1924: Started Academy of Philosophy and Religion. Launched upon the scheme of the Encyclopaedic History of Indian Philosophy in sixteen volumes. Started the quarterly: ‘The Indian Philosophical Review,’with Professor A. Widgery.
  • 1926: Publication of ‘A Constructive Survey of Upanishadic Philosophy.’
  • 1926: Publication of –
    I. Jnaneshwar Vachanamruta
    II. Tukaram Vachanamruta
    III. Ramdas Vachanamruta
  • 1927: Publication of ‘Sant Vachanamruta.’
  • 1927: Publication of ‘History of Indian Philosophy Vol.II: The Creative Period’ .
  • 1927: Invited to the Chair of Philosophy, Allahabad University by Dr.Ganganath Jha, Vice-Chancellor.
  • 1928: Delivered Basu Mallik Lectures on Vedanta under the auspices of Calcutta University which were later published under the title: ‘Vedanta, the Culmination of Indian Thought.’
  • 1928: Delivered Rao Bahadur Kinkhede Lectures under the auspices of the Nagpur University which were later published under the title: ‘The Bhagavad-Gita as a Philosophy of God-realisation.’
  • 1930: Started: Review of Philosophy and Religion.
  • 1933: Publication of ‘Mysticism in Maharashtra.’
  • 1937: Presided over the XIII Indian Philosophical Congress held at Nagpur.
  • 1947: Awarded D.Litt. degree honoris causa by the Allahabad University.
  • 1947: Delivered Koushik Endowment Lectures at Poona presided over by the then Chief Minister, Shri B.G.Kher who said: “I shared with Prof.Ranade the Sanskrit Prize at the University Examination.What a great good fortune would it be if I were to share his spiritual prize as well! ”
  • 1947: Delivered Lectures at Ahmedabad on (i) The Spiritual Task Before New India; and, (ii) How Humanity can be one? These were later brought out in a book form – ‘The Conception of Spiritual Life in Mahatma Gandhi and Hindi Saints.’
  • 1952: Lectures at Rashtrapati Bhavan and Constitution Club, New Delhi.
  • 1954: Release of Paramartha Sopan by Dr.S.Radhakrishnan who said :‘I enjoyed Shri Ranade’s friendship and affection from the first time I met him. His simplicity, his integrity, his sweet and affectionate nature impressed all those who came into contact with him.Dr. Ranade lived philosophy and was touched by the Grace of God. My life is richer for having known him.’
  • 1954: Publication of ‘‘Pathway to God in Hindi Literature’’. The book was released by Dr. Rajendra Prasad at Rashtrapati Bhavan who said: “So the philosophy which we have inherited from the past now lives in him.”
  • 1954: Lectures at Karnataka University, Dharwad which were later published under the title: ‘Pathway to God in Kannada Literature.’
  • 1955: Publication of ‘Ekanatha Vachanamrut’.
  • 1956: Publication of ‘Philosophical and other Essays’ Part I.
  • 1956: 70th Birthday celebrated at Jamkhandi.
  • June 6, 1957: Nirvana
Source: Bhavan's Journal 15 March 2007
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