Thursday 4 August 2011

Kulapati K. M. Munshi A Man of God

He was a unique and harmonious blend of law-breaker and law-maker, traditionalist and rebel, author and administrator, minister and mendicant, scholar and statesman, conservative and liberal, idealist and realist, flexible in details but inflexible in essentials.
Munshiji was a many-sided genius: a distinguished lawyer, outstanding reformer, litterateur, valiant freedom fighter, a key far-seeing framer of the Constitution, constructive parliamentarian, able administrator, politician and patriot protagonist of Hindi, champion of English, crusader for Sanskrit, creative educationist, dynamic builder of institutions, one of the architects and builders of modern India, and above all, a man of God.
Some of his pioneering efforts like the reconstruction of Somnath, the Shrine Eternal; resurrection of Sanskrit, the Mother of languages, and Vana Mahotsava, the attempt at restoration of the Cycle of Life, are now appreciated much more than during his life time.
To Munshiji, India was not just the stretch of land measured by geographers, explored by geologists, surveyed by seismologists, chronicled by dry-as dust historians and assessed by matter-of-fact economists but, to him, India was the punyabhoomi.
Dedication to the twin task of revitalising dharma in its threefold form of Truth, Love and Beauty-Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram, and to carrying forward India’s ageless message Faith, Self-discipline and dedication-Shraddha, Samyama and Samarpana came to him from the impact of the personality of Mahamunis Vasishtha, Viswamitra and above all, Vyasa, the first and foremost Kulapati of mankind-Vyasa, the Adi Guru, the earliest historian, the real architect, genuine guide and sentinel of India that is Bharat.
It was a question of blending the best in the past with the best in the present, with an eye for the future-erecting a modern bridge connecting the past, present and future. These three were the triple strands of this Karmayogi’s life, thought and work.
Having discovered the mantra for his spiritual hunger, he was eager to share it with kindred souls all over India and he felt called upon to endeavour, however feebly, to reintegrate Bharatiya Vidya to suit modern conditions and to restore to life an awareness of and striving towards Dharma in its triple aspects of Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram-Truth, Love and Beauty.
This led to his founding the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan 15 years later, in November 1938.
Many have wondered at the phenomenal progress of the Bhavan and the tremendous goodwill it has come to enjoy amongst large sections of the people in all parts of the world.  It was primarily due to Kulapatiji’s absolute and total commitment and his supreme gift for attracting and picking up kindred souls from all over binding them together in a bond of brotherhood by the alchemy of love and understanding, and reposing and receiving from them full confidence and unswerving loyalty.
Our reverential pranams to Munshiji, a Man of God.
Article by : S. Ramakrishnan
Source: Bhavan's Journal 28 February 2010
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